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Dale Libby


Mid-Coast Corvette Club 40th Anniversary


Mid-Coast Corvette Club (MCCC) was formed in the summer of 1973 by Ron Stanford, after he bought a new 1973 Corvette coupe.  Among the early members were Robert Stanford (1963 roadster), Mike Slade (1963 coupe), Jerry Whittset (1966 coupe, 1957 roadster), John Thayer (1969 t-top, 1958 roadster), Joe Maywald (1963 coupe “custom”), Bob Stephenson (1960 roadster), and Wesley Wong (1969 roadster). Long time club member Hayman Dengler joined the club in 1975.

MCCC joined the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) early in 1976, after a short stint in the Western States Corvette Club.  The first NCCC convention the club attended en masse was the 1977 convention in Dallas.  Allan Orr won the NCCC raffle 1978 Pace Car Corvette.  In 1982, MCCC helped the Hou-Tex Corvette Club host the NCCC Convention by working the autocross.  The club, with Allan Orr as event chairman, also hosted the Rallye at that convention.  Hayman Dengler held the National Drag Record in class 2B in 1984.  MCCC was noted for winning the Annual Southwest Regional Participation Award in the 1980’s and not having anyone at the awards banquet to pick up the award!  MCCC is still a member of NCCC to this day.

MCCC held many Corvette shows in the Brazos Mall in Lake Jackson, Texas, in exchange for getting to use the mall parking lot for auto-crossing.  In the mid 1980’s the Texas “Blue Laws” were rescinded.  This let the mall open on Sunday, which effectively did away with auto-crossing in the parking lot.  In about 1988, the club became dormant due to job requirements and the activities of the members’ children.

In 1995, MCCC was re-vitalized after a couple of Corvette enthusiasts, Baron Vincent and Gil Rasco, connected with some of the early members, Bob Stephenson and Hayman Dengler.  The group reviewed the club by-laws and decided to start meeting again.  For the next several years, the club stayed busy attracting new members and trying to have a presence in the community.  MCCC held several smaller cars shows, worked on fundraisers, and enjoyed club outings along with NCCC events.

The club continues to be active with several charities, especially BACH (Brazoria County Association for Children with Handicaps).  The club has its own “brick” at the Corvette Museum, and many members participated in the Corvette’s 50th Anniversary celebration in 2003.  We co-sponsor an NCCC event each year in Waco, Texas, with the Cen-Tex CC, and occasionally host car shows in the Brazosport area.  The club has evolved from its inception, languished for a few years, but has been back in action for the last 17 years.  During this time things have changed, but all members still enjoy the camaraderie associated with Corvettes.